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Chisel is proud to one of the premier nail supply distributor worldwide, we provide high end solutions for dipping powder, ombre and acrylic as well as 3D stamp.  Our success came with complete industry knowledge and expertise of our co-founders.  Our founders brought the expertise and passion to the business and constantly learning and innovate to make the best products available.  We’re proud to be the most recognizable nail brand by almost all the nail salon.  Our founders received multiple nail art competition awards at an international level and been doing nails over 20+ years.  Mr. Phong Tran and David Hoang are the two icons in nail educators, they are fully booked on a weekly basis, they travel the world to showcase their nail art techniques, products and solutions.
Along with Mr. Chau Nguyen as the co-founder and played key role in the team business development and product engineering.
Mr. Phong Tran
Master of Education

The best way to excel in your profession is to put all efforts and be passionate about it !