Mr. Phong Tran

Phong Tran

I have been in the United States for more than 25+ years, started my career as nail technician, throughout working at multiple nail salons, I have gained tremendous amount of knowledge and skills.  I have decided to open my own nail salon with my wife, we have multiple high nail salons in the state of Florida.  We have sold all of our nail salons and invested in the nail supply business.  With the help and trusted by my partners, we have several business venture, the most successful business is Chisel and I’m very proud of the business and our partners.

I’m a freelance Nail Educator on an international level, I travel all over the world to train and showcase our nail products and techniques to end users.  Our special line of products is acrylic, dipping powder and 3D stamps.  You can see my Youtube video channels and Facebook livestream whenever I provided training.

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